Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an integrated process of creating a virtual 3D model and a structure that incorporates all the required information through the lifecycle of the project (planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance).

Thanks to the BIM technologies our experienced team implements new and innovative solutions in design and engineering. This allows project to be more adaptive, efficient, easy to understand and execute that allows to optimize expenses of our clients at the stage of construction, operation and maintenance.
Egis Ertle Engineering provides due diligence assurance services. It is an independent evaluation of an investment facility concerning detection of investment risks and comprehensive technical and legal analysis concerning the future planned activity.

This service envisages:

  • Analysis of existing documentation for a land plot (ownership right, functional purpose of a plot, city planning restrictions)
  • Construction site examination
  • Analysis of surrounding infrastructure and possibilities for its usage
  • Analysis of a possibility to connect to external networks
  • Preliminary options for location of main buildings on a construction site
  • Analysis of existing ecological constraints
  • Analysis of assurance of the planned site with raw materials for production of ready products
  • Analysis of the availability of qualified staff in the region where construction is planned

At this stage design documentation is developed in the scope, enough for clearance of design documentation expertise. Contractor conducts development of necessary sections of design that includes descriptions, layouts, schemes and specifications.

Design documentation is coordinated with a client for submission to an expertise. The result of work on this stage will be a comprehensive design documentation that includes all necessary sections of a design based on its content, ready for an expertise clearance. Company assists with expertise clearance of design documentation and protection of design solutions.
This stage envisages development of a set of working documentation and is envisaged as a stage of design with high level of detailed elaboration that allows to keep practical construction on all types of construction and installation works.

Working documentation contains layouts, nodes, cross-sections, installation schemes, views, detailed specifications and guidelines on installation in the scope that is enough for organization of construction and control over the quality of construction by the client.
At this stage design documentation is developed in the scope that reflects main design solutions, production capacity, list and quality of products, production cooperation, provision of raw materials, fuel, electricity and heat, water and labor resources, cost of construction and main technical and economic indicators.
This stage envisages checking for availability of documents that attest to the quality of the works and materials used during construction (technical passports, certificates, results of laboratory testing, etc.) in accordance with design solutions, requirements of construction regulations and rules, standards, technical conditions and other regulatory documents, control over the execution of geodetic works in the process of construction, review and evaluation together with contractors that conduct construction and installation works, executed works, concealed works and assurance of compliance with requirements on the prohibition for execution of further works before drawing up acts for concealed works.
Egis Ertle Engineering conducts compliance checks of executed construction and installation works with working documentation and construction regulations and rules and controls the quality of compliance with the technology of work execution, connected with assurance of reliability, durability, sustainability and longevity.

Service also envisages keeping a log of a designer supervision where all detected diversions from design and cost estimate documentation and violations of requirements of current regulations and participation in acceptance of works are stated. Our team will ensure continuous presence on a construction site of a specialist on designer supervision during the whole time of conducting construction and installation works.
Execution of engineering surveys
Execution of engineering surveys is the basis for development of a high-quality design. Our experts will help to choose the most necessary surveys and will draw up terms of reference for a programme on their execution. Namely we conduct the following surveys of lands plots:

  • Engineering and geodetic
  • Engineering and geologic
  • Geotechnic, engineering and hydrogeologic (as a part of comprehensive engineering and geologic surveys or separately)
  • Engineering and hydrometeorologic
  • Surveys for rational usage and protection of environment
  • Specialized surveys

Ecology and impact on the environment
Development of ecologic and technical documentation that is required for design and construction of an enterprise envisages the following:

Development and approval of designs for definition of sanitary protection zones (decrease of the dimensions of sanitary protection zones)

  • Strategic environmental assessment (SEA)
  • Evaluation of impact on environment (in compliance with the State Construction Regulations (DBN))
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)
  • Execution of ecologic surveys
Assistance to a client in the process of receiving permitting documentation and background data for design
Lawyers of Egis Ertle Engineering prepare and submit the full package of required documentation and assist an Employer in receiving:

  • City planning conditions and restrictions
  • Technical conditions for connection to power supply networks
  • Technical conditions for connection to water supply and water disposal networks
  • Technical conditions for connection to roads of general usage
  • Other technical conditions
  • Permission for execution of construction and installation works
  • Site commissioning
Inspection of buildings and structures
Our experts conduct inspection for definition of technical conditions of buildings and structures in order to make sure that they comply with the main requirements and prepare a report based on the results.

Inspection of buildings and structures is conducted in the following cases:

  • Reconstruction of a facility
  • Damage of a site due to a natural disaster or accident
  • Damage of a facility caused by hostilities
  • Change of functional purpose of a building
  • Purchase of a building
  • Other cases that require definition of the actual technical condition of a building or structures
Project management
Egis Ertle Engineering offers our clients professional approach to project management. Project manager is appointed for each project. One is responsible for deadlines, quality and budget. Project management is a mandatory standard of our company.

The components of a design plan are the following:

  1. Project goal, tasks
  2. Management of project participants
  3. Communication
  4. Risk management
  5. Schedule
  6. Quality control
  7. Results
  8. Other
For continuous coordination of all project participants it is suggested to use cloud technologies which allows to organize access to relevant drawings and model in any time; issue management. We use modern technologies of BIM design for development of drawings and quality control. Obligations of project implementation unit include provision of regular reports on the course of works execution once per two weeks to an Employer (Progress Report).
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