Ignace Haertlé, co-shareholder of Egis Ertle Engineering company visited #Kyiv, to meet the Ukrainian team

“By today, all of the EEE team are safe. Part of the employees relocated to Egis in Poland office. The team who stayed in  Ukraine was always in my thoughts, and I came to Kyiv to visit them as soon as it became possible. It is a disaster that is happening in Ukraine. I will not reveal a secret if I say, that now and in the future Ukraine will need engineers. Luckily my team is ready to work and we will pick up the challenge of rebuilding tomorrow's Ukraine” - said Ignace.

Egis Ertle Engineering was created as a joint venture by Egis in Ukraine and Ertle Ltd in the 2020 year. The company specializes in constructing industrial and infrastructure facilities, it serves as a #BIM Design Hub and provides services in a variety of industries: heavy industry, consumer industry, power industry, agro-industry, civil engineering, and infrastructure engineering. In March, Egis Ertle Engineering donated 150 000 UAH to the National Bank of Ukraine.