Egis Ertle team continues their work and adapts to new challenges!

Last week Ignace Haertlé, co-shareholder of Egis Ertle Engineering together with the company’s CEO, Vitalii Khomaiko organized a strategic session to discuss current projects and plans with a team. The meeting took place in the Kyiv office. 

«In these challenging times, our team is fully mobilized and ready to work. For the nearest future, we are planning to focus on our projects in Poland and to start working on a new project in Ukraine” - said Vitalii Khomaiko.

Egis Ertle Engineering was created as a joint venture by Egis in Ukraine, Caucasus & Central Asia and Ertle Ltd in 2020 year. The company specializes in constructing industrial and infrastructure facilities, it serves as a #BIM Design Hub and provides services in a variety of industries: heavy industry, consumer industry, power industry, agro-industry, civil engineering, and infrastructure engineering.